Club ESP

Club E.S.P. is the oldest swingers club in the Maritimes and has been in operation since 1990.

We also host hotel suite parties and occasional special dances in  the Maritimes.


To contact us you can go to our web site or call toll Free 888-732-0330

Or E-mail


 We are a membership club catering to couples and single ladies. 

   We host regular on-premise parties in our new club house. We  provide a club house with a disco, comfortable meeting / conversation areas, play areas, a sauna, indoor Jacuzzi and in warm weather an outdoor hot tub.


    We endeavor to provide a unique, no pressure comfortable place for people to meet and play. This ensures a totally relaxed, no pressure environment.


    At our intimate parties at the club house couples can feel uninhibited, free to relax and explore their fantasies with each other and others.


   We arrange social get togethers such as campouts, trips, tidal bore rafting, horseback riding sleigh rides and barbeques etc.

Please contact us to get on our email list to receive information about upcoming functions.