Types of Events

Several different types of events are held at various locations.  Each event has a different character and even though it's the same type of event, the location will also factor into the character of the event. Some events take on a hybrid nature and really are a combination of several types of events

Coffee Meets

Usually held at a local coffee shop, simply a group that meets on a very informal basis to get the opportunity to put names and faces together in public setting. These Events are open to everyone. Please Keep in Mind you are meeting in a public place and discretion is appreciated.

Meet and Greet

Next step from a Coffee Meet, typical held at local bar, that may or may not be closed to the general public. Usually there is music and of course a bar. Provides the chance to meet people in a semi private setting. These events are open to all AFF Members

Bar Party

Similar to a Meet and Greet function but often limited to couples and single females. Single males may be admitted at the option of the organizers. Again usually held at a local bar that is usually closed to the general public.

Hotel Party

Hotel parties usually involve the take over of either an entire hotel or at least a section of a hotel so the main party may take place in a hotel function room but also carries over to individual rooms in the hotel or section. Again these events vary somewhat depending on the venue and the organizers.


Camping events are similar to Hotel Parties but held at a camping facility. There may or may not be full hook ups available for RV's. Again best to contact the event organizer to know best what to expect.

Some events may combine the aspects of several event types, for example, some Meet and Greets or Bar Parties may  have a host Hotel and really combine the two event types.

All Events will likely have some sort of Rules or Basic Code of Conduct for the participants, check with the event Hosts if in doubt.